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Orbchess Kit: A Revolutionary Spherical Chess Game

Orbchess Kit: A Revolutionary Spherical Chess Game

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An Ingenious Fusion between Art and Strategy

Description: Orbchess is a spectacular reinterpretation of the classic chess game, transformed into a mobile chess sphere. Inspired by the Steampunk aesthetic, like the Mécanigma, Minipunk, Toupunk and Robygrab from NKD Puzzle, this spherical chessboard is distinguished by its 3D game board and its articulated mechanisms. With its three axes of rotation, it offers unprecedented visibility and gaming experience.

Unique characteristics :

  • Steampunk Design : Spherical game board with mechanical wheels and articulated axles for a dynamic and immersive gaming experience.

  • DIY 3D puzzle : Delivered in a kit of 569 laser-precut pieces, for assembly that is both captivating and rewarding.

  • Premium Accessories : Includes wooden plates, glue, sandpaper, paraffin, bioplastic parts, cherry stain and various metal accessories.

  • Imposing Dimensions : Assembled product measuring 50 x 36 x 22.5 cm with a sphere diameter of 20 cm, offering a striking visual and strategic spectacle.

Why Choose Orbchess Kit?

  • Enriching Assembly Challenge : With an estimated assembly time of 30 hours, this is the perfect project for puzzle and DIY enthusiasts.

  • Eco-responsible Design : Made from sustainable French poplar wood in our workshop in Lodève, Occitanie.

  • Original Design by NéokiD : A work of art designed with precision and passion, guaranteeing quality and originality for self-assembly.

Order the Orbchess Kit Today!

  • Accessible to Novices : Ideal for beginners in assembling 3D puzzles, with clear instructions and easy-to-handle pieces.

  • Fast Delivery Times : Shipped within 3 working days.

A Treasure of Creativity and Strategy : Orbchess is not just a game, it is an invitation to dive into a universe where art meets ingenuity. Whether you're a seasoned chess player or a lover of unique objects, this spherical chess board is designed to dazzle and inspire.

An Exceptional Gift : Give the Orbchess to your loved ones or to yourself and discover the magic of a transformed chess game, a journey into design and strategy like you've never experienced.

Experience the Adventure of Assembly and Strategy with Orbchess, an innovative and fascinating creation by NéokiD.

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