Bienvenue dans l'univers de NeoKiD,

where the ingenuity of a designer meets the elegance of a brand. Born from the innovative mind of the designer behind NKD Puzzle, the eponymous NeoKiD brand embodies a perfect fusion of artistic aesthetics and practical functionality, while honoring a deep commitment to ecology.

  • Lighting

    Immerse yourself in the captivating world of NeoKid lighting, designed by the... 

  • Furniture

    NeoKid, a pioneer of eco-responsible design, extends its legacy of innovation through... 

  • Art

    Explore the very essence of creativity and eco-responsibility with NeoKid art objects.... 

  • French know-how

    At NeoKid, each piece is a symbol of French craftsmanship.
    By proudly displaying the logo
    “Made in France”, we celebrate our commitment to local expertise and exceptional quality.
    Our creations are not only designed in France, but they also embody the spirit and elegance of French design.
    Choosing the NeoKid brand means supporting local know-how and a tradition of excellence.

  • Craftsmanship at the heart of our work

    The title of Artisan d'Art is a guarantee of our dedication to traditional craftsmanship and innovation in our creations. At NeoKid, each object is the result of meticulous manual work, combining ancestral techniques and contemporary design.
    This emblem represents our passion for the art of handmade and our constant quest for artistic excellence, ensuring that each piece is unique and charged with human and creative value.

  • A certified eco-responsible commitment

    This label underlines our deep commitment to
    sustainability and eco-responsibility.
    At NeoKid, we don't just create art and furniture; we are forging a greener future. This label demonstrates our use of sustainable materials, our eco-responsible practices and our active contribution to preserving the environment.
    By choosing our products, you are participating in a conscious movement for a more sustainable world.

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An exceptional range of puzzle boxes,
wooden puzzles and games as enigmatic as they are aesthetic in order to combine art and entertainment...

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