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The Architect in Kit: The Extreme Enigma Box

The Architect in Kit: The Extreme Enigma Box

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Unique characteristics :

  • Design Inspired by MC Escher: A secret box representing a multidimensional city, evoking the work "Relativity" from 1953. Every detail of this illuminated city is finely sculpted, creating an enigmatic world where the characters evolve in parallel dimensions.
  • 116 Movement Puzzle Box: An extreme level puzzle with an LED light system, providing a fascinating visual experience.
  • DIY construction: Made up of 901 laser-precut pieces, this puzzle box requires careful assembly without providing clues for its solution.
  • Kit Contents: Includes wooden parts, springs, inserts, LEDs, battery, various miniatures, and more for a complete building experience.
  • Finished Product Dimensions: Measures approximately 17.5 x 21 x 19 cm, ideal for an impressive display.

Why Choose Architecto Kit?

  • Challenge for Enthusiasts: Perfect for fans of complex puzzles, construction games, and models.
  • Worldwide Recognition: Mentioned by famous YouTubers like Fabien Olicard, Chris Ramsay, and Puzzle Guy, and awarded the Gold Medal at the 2022 Lépine Competition.
  • Eco-responsibility: Design and assembly in the south of France, using poplar wood from sustainable sources.
  • Durability: A game designed to be strong and durable, recommended for ages 14 and up.

Order the Architecto Kit Today!

  • Assembly Time: Allow at least 180 hours for assembly.
  • Delivery times: Dispatch within 3 working days.

Experience the adventure of construction and resolution with the Architecto, an original and exciting creation by NéokiD.

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