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Scribe - Luxury Wooden Pencil Case

Scribe - Luxury Wooden Pencil Case

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Product Description

Discover “Scribe” , a unique creation from NéoKiD . This luxury wooden pencil case combines the refined art of marquetry with the ingenuity of a puzzle. Presented in the form of a self-assembled kit , "Scribe" will transform your workspace into a functional art gallery.

Main Features

  • Number of Parts : 196 pieces meticulously designed for rewarding personal assembly.
  • High Quality Materials : Use of thin birch plywood, 1 mm thick, from Northern Europe and AA quality. This material, usually intended for aviation, is chosen for its astonishing resistance despite its thinness.
  • Sophisticated Design : A delicate mechanism, particularly on the lid, for smooth and pleasant opening.
  • Exceptional Marquetry : A harmony of natural colors with red padauk, gray sycamore, and black tulip wood, offering a rich and captivating aesthetic.
  • Functionality and Elegance : Perfect for puzzle enthusiasts and those who appreciate practical art objects.

Why Choose Scribe?

  • For Design Lovers : Every detail of “Scribe” has been designed to offer both a visual and tactile experience.
  • For Puzzle Enthusiasts : An experience of discovery and satisfaction, ideal for novices and experts alike.
  • For a Unique Office : "Scribe" is not only a practical object, it is a work of art that will attract all eyes.

NéoKiD’s commitment

NéoKiD pushes the limits of creativity and innovation. “Scribe”, as a DIY kit, is the result of constant improvement and a quest for perfection, reflecting a passion for excellence.

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