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“Aerial Shadows” Hanging Lampshade: Bring Your Lighting to Life

“Aerial Shadows” Hanging Lampshade: Bring Your Lighting to Life

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A Lighting Prototype Waiting for Your Inspiration

Description: Introducing our developing concept, the “Aerial Shadows” pendant lampshade is a unique fixture designed to cast captivating shadows. We are seeking your contribution to finalize its dimensions and design. Share your suggestions on our social networks and help us create a light fixture that fits perfectly into your living space.

Characteristics of the Prototype:

  • Evolving Design : We adapt the design of the lampshade based on your feedback.
  • Upcoming DIY Project : You can assemble this light fixture, once the design is finalized, for a personal touch in your decor.
  • Unique Shadow Projection : Each blade is designed to create a captivating and poetic atmosphere.
  • Eco-design : We favor sustainable materials, while respecting the environment.

Your Participation is Essential:

  • Influence the Final Product : Give us your opinion on the desired dimensions and features.
  • Get involved on Social Networks : Your interaction shapes the future of “Aerial Shadows”.

Price and Commitment:

  • Pricing in Development : The price is currently indicative and subject to adjustment. Our goal is to make it accessible, while ensuring quality and French manufacturing.

Prepare to Assemble “Aerial Shadows”:

  • Soon Available for You : Stay tuned for the launch of this unique DIY kit.
  • Easy Horizontal Assembly : Detailed instructions will be provided for a smooth and enjoyable assembly experience.

Join us in the Creation of “Aerial Shadows”, a lighting fixture that combines innovation, art and environmental responsibility.

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