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“Globus” Suspended Light: A World of Modular Light

“Globus” Suspended Light: A World of Modular Light

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Sculpt the Glow and Shadows to Your Taste

Description: We are delighted to present “Globus”, our latest innovative lighting project. This prototype pendant light is distinguished by its 48 removable blades, allowing you to play with light and shadows to create a tailor-made atmosphere. “Globus” is not just lighting; it is an interactive work of art that invites experimentation and customization.

Avant-Garde Features:

  • Modular Design : 48 removable blades to adjust the light and shadow effects according to your wishes.
  • Prototype under development : We are looking for your feedback to refine its design and functionality.
  • Dynamic Lighting Effect : Create your own configuration for a unique lighting experience.
  • Eco-responsible Commitment : Made with sustainable materials, “Globus” combines design and respect for the environment.

Your Role in the Creative Process:

  • Share Your Vision : Help us determine the best features of "Globus" by sharing your ideas on our social networks.
  • Influence the Final Design : Your feedback is crucial to help us create a fixture that meets your expectations in terms of style and functionality.

Price and Design:

  • Indicative Price at this Stage : The current price is provisional. Our objective is to offer “Globus” at an affordable price, while guaranteeing quality manufacturing in France.

Get ready for “Globus”:

  • Be Ready for Assembly : Once the design is finalized, you can assemble and customize “Globus” according to your preferences.
  • Innovative Assembly in View : We will provide clear instructions for easy installation and optimal aesthetic results.

Join the Light Revolution with “Globus” and add your personal touch to this unique and modular luminaire.

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