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Mecanigma Kit - NKD Puzzle: The Ultimate Wooden Puzzle Experience

Mecanigma Kit - NKD Puzzle: The Ultimate Wooden Puzzle Experience

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Main Features :

  • Unique Design: Inspired by steampunk mechanics, each piece of the Mecanigma is carefully carved from quality wood, creating an aesthetic object that catches the eye.
  • Stimulating Challenge: With its many secret mechanisms and hidden drawers, the Mecanigma offers a captivating challenge for puzzle enthusiasts.
  • Interactivity: This interactive puzzle incorporates moving parts, gears and codes to decipher, providing hours of intellectual entertainment.
  • Manual Assembly: All parts are precisely pre-cut and ready to assemble, without the need for glue or special tools.
  • Ideal for Everyone: Perfect for adults and teenagers aged 14 and over, this kit develops patience, concentration and spatial skills.
  • Finished Product Dimensions: The Mecanigma measures approximately 30 x 20 x 15 cm, an ideal size for display on a shelf or desk.

Why Choose the Mecanigma Kit? The Mecanigma Kit is not just a puzzle, it is a real intellectual adventure. Each solved mechanic brings you closer to discovering the final secret, making each moment of play more exciting than the last. It's the perfect gift for puzzle lovers, mechanical enthusiasts and those looking to decorate their space with an object that is both artistic and fun.

Order now and experience the thrill of solving the mysteries of Mecanigma!

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